Sushi & Sake 101

Do you ginjo shu? Got nori know how?

Learn the lingo at SUSHI & SAKE 101!

SUSHISAMBA invites you to an exclusive evening, where you will master the art of making maki and tasting sake. The experience showcases the best that SUSHISAMBA has to offer, bringing together two of Japan’s most revered culinary traditions.


Join us at SUSHI & SAKE 101, where you’ll…

  • Get explanations on types of sake, its history and production methods
  • Taste and sip on a variety of aperitivos and premium sakes
  • Learn how to choose sushi-grade fish
  • Find out what tools you need to make sushi at home
  • Gain insider sushi-making tips from SUSHISAMBA chefs
  • Make (and eat!) your own sushi rolls, nigiri and hand-rolls