London’s Executive Chef Claudio Cardoso hand-painted bodacious new murals at SUSHISAMBA Miami Beach on Lincoln Road in mid-September.

With its colorful collision of oranges, blues, pinks and street art style, Chef Claudio Cardoso’s Andando a Correr – or Let’s Run – mashes up graffiti with Miami élan. The piece – which spans two adorning walls – was debuted to a host of Miami’s media at which he also served his own “Edible Art” dish: yuzu scallop with vanilla bean, asparagus, jalapeño and coriander,

“I was inspired by Miami’s exotic, sexy and modern edge,” says Chef Claudio of the audacious work.

We caught up with the chef/street artist on the intersection of art, food and his inspiration overall.

When did art become your past time?

When I was around 8 years old, a big part of the activities in school had to do with drawing, painting or handcrafted works.  I believe that’s where I became very curious and interested in street art, which in parallel was starting in Portugal – mainly in the suburbs of Lisbon – where I lived at that time.

Where do you usually paint?  Public spaces, canvas, etc…

When you do street art, you utilize most of the times anything that is offered…mainly when you are young artist, you want to do as much legal murals as possible, so you have time to perfect and work on. With age you tend to go to canvas more, you can take your time and you can stop, keep it and continue another day.

What is your biggest artistic accomplishment to date? 

I won a few drawing competitions back home, including one for Sony that had to do with the environment. At the age of 17, I had a sponsorship on spray cans, which was amazing, I had my parents garage full of spray cans, which was a paradise when you are a kid.

What influence do you think art has on food and chefs and why? 

It gives you the chance to express shapes, colors and feelings that are visual and edible; it’s a combination of 2 beautiful, complex and elaborate arts that elevate culinary.

Tell us about your inspiration behind the piece?

I usually like something slightly controversial, it might make you smile or might be intriguing without shocking or disrespecting. Colorful works, letterings, dragons, reptiles and animals in general are what I seek to work on.

What would you like guests to feel when dining amongst the art…how do you see this enhancing the guest experiences? 

The art work shouldn’t be the main thing people look at when they arrive at the restaurant; it should be a synergy of food, art and music, and make the whole scenario just blend together.

You can follow Claudio’s artistic journey – culinary and otherwise – at @Mr.Claudio.Cardoso on Instagram @ClaudioXCardoso on Twitter

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