• 14g purple shiso
  • 60g bigeye tuna
  • 30g watermelon
  • 1 beetroot
  • 5g maiz morado
  • 10ml soy
  • 5ml orange
  • 5ml lime
  • silver powder (edible silver – can be found at local chef/culinary specialty store or online)



  1. Start by making squares out of the watermelon and reserve.
  2. Extract the juice from one beetroot by blending and then passing through a sieve. Rest watermelon in the beetroot juice and allow to ‘marinate.’
  3. Mix soy, orange juice, and lime. Slice the tuna in ‘tiradito style’ and place in mixture for 2 minutes for a quick marinade.
  4. Assemble all elements in harmonious way and finalize with the maiz morado. Enhance your presentation with splashes of the silver powder mixed with water.